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everybody. the first lady gets sentimental about her husband during her speech at the dnc. we'll tell you what she said that democrats hope voters will be on her side and her husband's side straight ahead. parents want to know when their kids enter school they're safe and that's hard after a cafeteria shooting at perry hall high school. now parents and school leaders try to figure out where to go from here. plus baseball and the fall. remember what this feels like? you may not it's been that long, but this morning the o's are leading in the a.l. east. those stories are straight ahead. of course, charley out live this morning at camden yards on this september 5th.
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i'm megan pringle. charley, you see him live this morning because this is the time that we don't remember, a lot of us, it's been since 1997, right, charley? >>reporter: yeah, megan. a lot of people were talking about the nfl season kicking off in a matter of hours and for the raiives we're six days away, but the orioles, they're saying not so fast. we have a playoff hunt we're in right now. the orioles wake up this morning in first place in american league's eastern division. toronto lost to tampa and this morning the o's and o's fans are waking up in some rarified air. first place in the division. they got a four-game series starting here with new york, starting tomorrow. we'll have a live preview of what this means for fans and ticket prices, they are certainly going up. for now, though, we're going back to the studio with a check of the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> let's talk about what's going on right now. maryland's most powerful radar mainly dry as you step out and about. most of the wet weather is off toward the west, in western maryland and you're also seeing
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some rain showers now in west virginia. if you are traveling that way, a couple of downpours, but all in all we are mainly dry this morning. that's not going to hold true, though, as we go into the afternoon. we do have better chance for scattered showers and storms to pop up. 76 in glen burnie, towson at 76 degrees. winds out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. that will continue as we go throughout the day. as once again we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog in some spots this evening, but we're also very balmy this morning. we're waking up to temperatures coming in right around 78 to 80 degrees. by lunchtime that temperature will be at 85 degrees. we will get some sunshine in here, but we also will be dealing with rain showers as well. so take the rain gear with you as you step out and about. let's get a check of abc 2 time saver traffic wi mike mass koes. >>reporter: good morning. it's hot out there. 80 degrees at 4:00 in the morning. here's what's going on this morning. there's not much happening, the roadways are quiet across much of area. some construction on the key bridge thorntion. they'll wrap things up pretty
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bridge. if you're making your way into the key bridge, construction- related delays as you make your way into the span. also seeing construction delays on 695 outer loop near kateensville and the harford tunnel looking good and the fort mchenry toll plaza looking good at this hour. outside we go for a live shot. this is the approach at 95 at 395. things are pretty clear. we'll take another look as we head towards 695 as harford road, pretty quiet out there. we'll have another cheng on traffic in 10 -- another check on traffic in less than 10 minutes. democrats will take the podium to make the case about why you should elect president obama for a second term. among tonight's speakers former president bill clinton, also our u.s. senator barbara mccloskey. she'll be highlighting the democrat women candidates running for senate and she'll be joined by some of them on the stage.
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speaking of women, speaking of powerful, last night michelle obama gave the headlining speech. her goal was to show her husband's softer side as a family man and a person. >> when it comes to rebuilding our economy, barack is thinking about folks like his dad and grandmother. he's thinking about the pride that comes from a hard day's work. that's why he signed the lilli ledbetter pay act, to help women get equal pay for equal work. >> president obama was not in north carolina for his wife's speech. he was watching in d.c. with their two daughters. and, of course, right before the keynote speech last night, governor o'malley took the stage and abc 2 news' linda stow breaks down what he talked about and the reaction. linda, a big focus on jobs, right? >>reporter: yeah, he used maryland as an example, pointing to the state's 29 mobilities of job growth in the private sector. o'malley was on the attack as he took the stage in charlotte. he spoke for about nine
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minutes. he criticized romney, saying his policies would take the country back. his message to voters? give obama another four years in office and another chance to keep moving america forward. >> let us move forward, not back by reelecting barack obama, president of the united states. god bless you all. >>reporter: it's been widely speculated that o'malley is speaking a presidential run in 2016. politico is reporting that later this morning o'malley is set to have breakfast with iowa's delegation to the dnc. as you know, i-wa is one of the states that always holds its caucuses before any other state. linda stow, abc 2 news. the 15-year-old accused of shooting a classmate at perry hall is facing a lot of charges. 29 in all. a grand jury handed down the indictment in that case against the man. those charges include nine kounlts of attempted murder, nine kounlts of first-degree
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assault. he critically injured a 17-year- old. eight other potential victims are parents along with students at perry hall, they want to see some changes at their school to prevent something like this from ever happening again. a community meeting last night brought out hundreds of people. the principle, george roberts listened in and answered questions. the superintendent dr. dallas dance also attend today try to answer questions from concerned parents. >> i've asked our folks to go back and look at all of our security protocols, our school crisis plans, our district crisis plans, but i've also asked them to go back and look at any anti-bullying initiatives or get the word out that we want people to bring messages to us. >> school leaders say they're going to meet with everyone involved the day of the shooting next month and possibly make some more security changes. >> the coast guard has sus
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pended its search for a missing boater, a 27-year-old man from philadelphia. jason wayman and his girlfriend fell off the boat on bayside beach, she was rescued, his body has not been found. the coast guard sus pended the search after going over 5500 square miles for a total of 22 hours looking for him. wildlife situation in california hasn't improved much, despite all the efforts to contain the fire from the air as well as the ground. three separate wildfires have broken out in rumsy canyon which is in northern california and combined have burned more than 200 acres. this is happening closer to los angeles. a 3800-acre wildfire in san gabriel mountains, only about 15% contained, and unfortunately -- fortunately, it is staying away from the foothill communities, but there is a lot being done to extinguish those claims -- those flames. here we're actually finally seeing some wet weather.
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>> exactly. we actually do neat the wet weather. yesterday we didn't get as much rain as we thought. today we're thinking we saw more scattered showers in the picture and definitely that is welcome. as we look at the middle of the nation, across the upper midwest, we're seeing showers and thunderstorms diving down into iowa and we also see some showers and storms off to the west of us now, in western maryland, we're also looking at some showers this morning, light in nature. in west virginia. we're just dealing with plenty of cloud cover this morning. with the cloud covering, though, these temperatures are quite warm, close to 80 degrees in tillman and also denton and galena. let's head this over to megan. >> thanks, lynette. the orioles season has us still in baseball mode and now we have to divide our attention between the o's and the ravens. the nfl regular season starts today. super bowl champs new york giants will be hosting the dallas cowboys. that's happening tonight and the ravens want you to get into the football state of mind. coming up in the next half hour we'll tell you all the fun events that are going on
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downtown, everywhere in the community, starting today to get you in the ravens spirit. it's a season we haven't seen in decades, we're excited about the o's. that's all we're talking about this morning, and this morning we're live at camden yards with bird fever. >>reporter: hey, megan. we are live at camden yards. the orioles wake up in first place tied with the bronx bombers. mike, here he is, mike is over here, watering the flowers, getting the ballpark ready. big series coming up this weekend as the o's welcome the jays to camden yards. the summer unofficially ended and already people are thinking about the holidays already. how popular retail stores are making your christmas shopping a little bit easier. >> come on. it's too early for that. >> too early for that. >>reporter: this is a look at 695 at pulaski highway. we're looking good. let's take you to new york city and take a look at lady liberty. there she is. beautiful shot. more of "good morning maryland"
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coming up after this.
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it has been a year since orioles fans have stayed this interested in the home team so late in the season. this morning, though, that's not the case at all. the orioles wake up tied for first place in the a.l. eastern division and charley crowson live this morning at camden yards. so what do you think? do they have a real shot? what are people saying? >>reporter: megan, of course they've got a real shot. we're talking about baseball here and the o's have weathered a full season so far, just 27 games remain and they are tied atop the american league's eastern division above the yankees. we still have an a.l. wildcard race going too so the chances of baltimore making it into the playoffs right now pretty good right now, all things being equal. what's important, baseball now great again here in the city of baltimore. they've been taking care of business on the road now. they've swept games in the past two against the toronto blueyai
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jays, couple that a weekend series over new york in new york. mark reynolds has been on fire for the past several games. he has had bombs friday night, sunday night, yesterday, you name it. he has been the hot hand for new york -- excuse me, baltimore by contrast. new york they lost that series to baltimore. they've been losing down in tampa and that's why we're waking up this morning with baltimore, some place they haven't been since 1997. they are first place in the a.l. east come september. this is a football town, or so we've been told. we're reminding you right now o's baseball is alive and well. >> obviously in my lifetime i haven't really seen anything like this, so we're looking forward to getting out here. >> things the same that we will make the playoffs, but the only thing we make it here, who knows, we came this far and we're doing good, we just might make the championship. >>reporter: there is no reason at all baltimore should not be thinking about a run into the playoffs. also divisional and league and
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the world series championships, of course, coming up in october. but coming up this weekend, beginning on thursday, a very critical four-game set with new york. that's big enough on its own, but tomorrow we're going to be unveiling the cal ripken, jr. statue as it will be september 6th, 17 years since he broke lou gehrig's record as baseball's all-time ironman, just 2300 games to break ger ig's record, ripkin went 2600 straight games without taking a day off. that's going to be enough for saturday's game to be sold out. and coming up on "good morning maryland," we're going to talk about ticket prices because if you go to stubhub or other ticket outlets, they're going for a pretty penny right now. >> we want to remind you, we want to see fan photos, whether you're sticking to orange or switching to purple, maybe you're mixing and matching, send them to or you can always go to to our facebook page and share them that way.
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you have dhoak this out, a groundskeeper, he keeps the crowd pretty entertained, look at this move, cleaning up the fields in the yellow bow tie. he's doing the charleston. he does a little dance during the yankees/rays game. this is in tampa, and sort of reminds you of the dance. lynette, you want to try it? mike? >>reporter: no. i really like that bow tie, though. >> he looks good. >> looks like he's having fun. >> obviously a lot of people are going to want to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, that's the story and the traffic finally cleared up because of the grand prix. >> yeah. that's the good news but we'll have the usual stadium traffic starting early, so we'll be talking about that. >> it's all on me, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> let's talk about what's going on right now, megan and we'll get to that forecast for you. as you look at the temperatures this morning and you feel the temperatures as you're stepping outside, it's very warm. these temperatures all across the board close to 80 degrees. there's a reason for that.
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we do have a southwesterly flow. i'll show you those winds in a second. but we do have plenty of cloud cover around. so when we have those clouds around in the morning, they act like a blanket so temperatures just don't fall off. we are looking at a few showers, mainly off towards the west and we can see some up in new york this morning. if your traveling take you to new england, be prepared for some wet weather. we'll get wet weather in here, scattered during the afternoon. another reason why these temperatures are being held up, we have winds out of the southwest at five to 15 miles an hour. we can see 12 in d.c. right now, nine in baltimore and seven in easton, winchester around eight and six in hagerstown. still dealing with a tropical weather pattern across the area. that will continue even as we head into tomorrow, so it'll be humid at that game. this is what we're working with for today, still dealing with tropical storms out here and tropical storm leslie, really hasn't got its act together yet, still moving to the west -- or north/northwest at about 65 miles an hour. very slowly, only 2 two miles an hour, might as well not be
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moving, but, look, that forecast still takes it to a category 2 hurricane as we head through time and could be bringing us lots of surf, high waves to the beaches as we go through the weekend, keeping our eyes peeled on that. for today, here's a check of what's going going to happen. here's what we look like heading into the 2:00 hour. have the rain gear. let's get a check of abc 2 news time saver traffic, good morning, mike. >>reporter: good morning. everything is pretty quiet. we do have some construction still ongoing at 695 at fredrick road. just be aware of that. our speeds have been reduced and that's because they've tied things up to just a single lane getting by the construction zone, so, depend, be aware of that at 695. much of the beltway looking good, up towards towson looking good, the fort mchenry, harford tunnel approaches all pretty quiet. outside we go for a live shot. we'll show you this is 695 at liberty road. some volume picking up, but it's clear sailing, and another shot on 695 as we approach harford road, things looking good at this hour.
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another check on traffic in less than 10 minutes. megan. 4:47. five things you may want to know as you head out the door this morning. jurors in the drew petersen murder trial are beginning distributions today. prosecutors told jurors that the overwhelming circumstantial evidence proved the former chicago police officer killed his third wife. petersen's defense team, though, they call the evidence garbage. three days of pretrial motions in the murder case against robert jarrett, jr. that starts today. he's being charged with the 1991 murder of his then wife christine ann jarrett. her remains were found buried in a shed at a former home in elkridge. a navy seal in afghanistan will be -- kill inside afghanistan will be laid to rest today. petty officer andrew feeks died last month in a fire fight with insurgents. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. the first man to walk on the moon will be memorialized in the nation's capital. this is happening next week. a public memorial service for neil armstrong is being held at the national cathedral.
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it's happening on september 13th. he died last month at the age of 82. archbishop william lorrie is announcing the first archdiocese capital campaign in 15 years. this morning the goal of the campaign is to raise $100 million all to help support parishes, schools and charitable outreach programs in the community. with labor day behind us, many of you, you're now thinking about some holiday shopping. it seems early, but right now retailers like toys r us, they are getting ready. they just announced free layaway until halloween. after that it's $5. analysts say that the toy store could be trying to compete with places like wal-mart and target. she's only 5 years old, but she's being called a hero in her hometown. we'll tell you about a kindergartener who knew what to do, now she has a new puppy and a whole lot of attention. we'll tell you why she's getting all this recognition. and these days it seems more and more people are not even bothering to pick up the phone. how current technology is now
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affecting the way we talk to each other.
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news armd the nation this morning, a 5-year-old girl is a hero after coming to the rescue of her unconscious mom. now, not only did this young girl actually call for help, she also took charge of her baby brother during this emergency. you will see olivia calmly dialing 911 on her cell phone and found her mom lying on the bathroom floor, that's when she made the call. >> the 5-year-old trusted us and she did an absolutely outstanding job of giving us all the information we needed to help her mom in a timely manner. she saved your life. >> yeah. my angel. >> olivia received a new puppy as a reward for her relic efforts. about 400 trees in los angeles, they are going to be cut down and this is to make way for shuttle endeavour. the spaceship is going to pass through the crowded streets of los angeles next month as it makes its way to the california science center. tomorrow people are pretty
4:53 am
upset about those trees being cut down. the science center says it will replant 800 new trees to make up for the loss. in cleveland, a black bear that spent several hours in a tree was able to get down from those who tried to capture him. a crowd gathered watching police try to get this guy down. firemen actually soaked him with a fire hose, but that really only made him climb higher in the tree. they then say he had to scamper down and went to another tree. eventually he came down and took off into the woods. >> wow! >> as bears often do. but close call there. >> i know. so lots of talk, so much is happening this weekend, obviously the o's, the ravens are going to be all around town getting ready for next week. clearly traffic is going to be an issue. >>reporter: sure. the usual spots around the stadium, probably starting around 7:00, we do have a 7:05 game back in town friday, i believe. >> right. >> it's miserable out there. we're going to do it again tomorrow. as for the game, i think the
4:54 am
game will be okay. we could see a couple of showers tomorrow, but all in all i think it'll come through and then we'll be good. >>reporter: so i don't have to sell on stubhub then? >> you're good to go. let's talk about what's going on this morning. like mike said, it's very humid out there, it's very tropical. we can see maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now, so a little bit of a change from yesterday, but we could see some more showers popping up as we go through the morning and also as we go into the afternoon. so be prepared for that. as the kids head out to the bus stop this morning, here's the forecast. they do suggest that you pack the umbrella for them, that temperature coming in at 78 degrees this morning. by this afternoon we'll be at 88 degrees. again, the chance for some scattered showers and storms in the forecast so that umbrella, if they don't use it this morning, they could be using it this afternoon when they come home as they head throughout the day. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with mike massco, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. good morning, everybody. a pretty easy ride. if you can did to work now, go because the roads are looking really good. here's drive times across the area, fr

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